About us

Who am I, and why did I developed Active Lungs?

My name is Ohad Ohana, and I am a specialist rehabilitation trainer in cardio-respiratory and neuro-orthopedic rehabilitation. I established and managed the Respiratory Rehabilitation Institute at Rambam Hospital for 10 years, treating hundreds of patients annually. I closely witnessed the daily suffering of respiratory patients, their emotional distress, loneliness, pain, feelings of guilt, and their constant reliance on family and friends.

During my work at the hospital, I observed how hospitals in Israel fail to meet the unique needs of respiratory patients. I would start with a group of 15-20 patients and end up with only 5. That’s a discharge rate of about 70%, with treatment sessions scheduled only twice a week. Many chronic respiratory patients simply stopped coming for treatment and diagnosis at hospitals. Until they see a pulmonologist or a family doctor, their condition may significantly worsen, leading to recurring hospitalizations.

Chronic respiratory patients require specialized treatment ideally once a day or more. They need respiratory rehabilitation, breathing exercises, or else their condition may deteriorate, leading to respiratory failure and repeated hospitalizations. Patients who don’t engage in daily respiratory rehabilitation may be hospitalized 5 to 10 times a year (for 3-5 days each time), living from one hospitalization to the next.

I decided I wanted to find a safer, more convenient, and effective way to help chronic respiratory patients. That’s why I developed a unique application called Active Lungs, which addresses all the needs of respiratory patients in Israel, especially COPD patients. Through Active Lungs, we improve the physical respiratory capacity of respiratory patients in Israel, enabling them to lead fulfilling daily lives.

אוהד אוחנה - מאמן שיקומי מומחה לשיקום לב, שיקום ריאה, שיקום נוירולוגיה אורתופדית.

Our Vision

We believe that individuals with respiratory conditions can lead normal, active, and fulfilling lives without depending on friends and family for basic daily activities. 

We believe that respiratory patients should not have to live from one hospitalization to another. 

We believe that every respiratory patient deserves the right to live a peaceful, serene, and satisfying life. 

We aspire for all respiratory patients in the country to learn how to manage their condition and rehabilitate themselves according to a personalized plan, without imposing limitations every time they step out of their homes.

הערכים שלנו

Our values

Uncompromising professionalism and extensive experience.

The management of the Active Lungs rehabilitation application is overseen by Ohad Ochana, an expert rehabilitation trainer specializing in cardiorespiratory, neurological, and orthopedic rehabilitation. Ohad has successfully treated thousands of patients over the years and has founded and managed the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Institute at Rambam Hospital for a decade. With Ohad at the helm, you can trust that we will tailor a specific and practical action plan for you—exactly what you need for professional rehabilitation.

Improving your quality of life is our priority.

The goal of treatment with the Active Lungs application is to significantly improve your quality of life, enabling you to live reasonably with the disease and perform daily activities without being dependent on others. With perseverance and daily dedication, you will see improvements in your respiratory measures and continuous enhancement in your quality of life.

Maximal precision.

With Active Lungs, we perform precise medical customization tailored to your individual and respiratory-physical needs as patients. This customization includes meticulous monitoring of body metrics that enable early warning of respiratory deterioration: saturation, pulse, and blood pressure.

Care and service

We offer consultation, guidance, and medical assistance whenever there is a change in your respiratory or physical condition. Additionally, we provide human-centered support and telephone assistance whenever needed. You can reach out to us anytime, especially in cases of changes in your respiratory or physical condition, as well as emergencies. We ensure a prompt and professional response to address your needs effectively.

Full privacy

We fully prioritize your privacy. The Active Lungs application operates with the highest standards of data security.


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