Active Lungs - אפליקצייה חכמה לשיקום ריאות שמאפשרת לחולי ריאות כרוניים לחיות חיים נורמטיביים.

A smart application for pulmonary rehabilitation enables chronic lung disease patients to halt deterioration alongside respiratory improvement!

Shoshi. bHaifa, 72
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"I'm doubly happy, full of energy, practicing diligently, and all this after I doubted that anything could motivate me. Even here, you surprised me, didn't give up, and encouraged me greatly. Thank you so much!"
Lidia. aRannana
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"I came to you about 3 months ago... I was hooked up to oxygen 24/7 and struggled with physical activities... Today, my use of oxygen has decreased, and I've returned to doing activities without interruption. I'm glad I heard about you."
Orna. tKefar saba, 71
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"After undergoing rehabilitation at the hospital and realizing it wasn't enough, I came to Ohad. I feel lighter in movement, function better at home, and even my partner notices a positive change."
Oded. MRosh a ein, 88
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My 78-year-old father, who suffers from COPD, has started using a program under Ohad's guidance on a daily basis, six times a week. I've been accompanying him throughout the process, and I can clearly see significant improvement in his ability to perform exercises much more easily and consistently over time.
Ilana. MTel aviv, 68
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"The service kept a close connection with me, paying close attention to my progress in the program with genuine care. It's highly successful, structured gradually, and significantly contributes to improving lung health and recovery."
Esti. BHaifa, 62
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"The app is user-friendly, with rich, clear, and comprehensive content. It offers a wide selection of exercises with video guidance, physiological assessments before starting, guidance from a pulmonary physician, and personal attention to the patient. Excellent job!"
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Living with a chronic lung disease isn't easy.

Living with chronic lung disease means even simple tasks become challenging over time. Breathing difficulties escalate, making everyday activities like cooking or dressing hard. Hospital treatments often fall short, with limited specialized care available. Accessing adequate care is difficult, with few hospitals offering tailored support.

Proper treatment can slow or even stop the disease’s progression, granting control.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation with Active Lungs

If you suffer from chronic lung disease, COPD, or know someone who does, you’re familiar with these descriptions, and you understand exactly what we’re talking about. It’s a terrible disease to live with, and it’s not easy to treat at all.

But your life doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s an alternative that can get you back on track and significantly improve your quality of life.

You don’t have to feel like you’ve run a marathon every time you play with your grandchildren!

You don’t have to feel guilty every time you ask for help.

If you suffer from COPD or other lung diseases, there is a way to take care of your health:

Rehabilitation through Active Lungs.

Introducing Active Lungs!

A smart app for treatment, prevention of deterioration, and lung rehabilitation.

Active Lungs app helps patients with lung diseases improve their quality of life and function through personalized lung rehabilitation. It prevents disease deterioration by offering tailored rehabilitation from the comfort of home, providing high-quality medical care and promoting independence.

This is a revolutionary, innovative, and comprehensive service – the first of its kind Israel.

Enjoy an improved quality of life!

Enjoy improved respiratory metrics and enhanced physical mobility!

Receive important practical tools for coping with the disease anywhere, anytime!

Prevent chronic hospitalizations, returning and reviving in hospitals.

Active Lungs in numbers

95% success rate: Patients whohaven't seen hospitalization at all.

Dozens of satisfied patients already using the service.

Just 20-25 minutes of practice per day: At your convenience, any hour you prefer!

Comparison between Active Lungs and hospital treatment:

Routine treatment in hospitals

Active Lungs

Treatment location

Physically required at the hospital.

Anywhere, even at home.

Nature of treatment

Group session

Personalized, tailored to you.


Metrics tracking is available, but there’s no correlation between treatments.

We track ongoing metrics: saturation, pulse, blood pressure, and subjective sensations sent to us.

Availability and patient service


Available 24/7

Likelihood of respiratory exacerbation / hospitalization

High due to lack of monitoring between treatments

Extremely low

Success rates



Number of hospitalizations

5-10 times a year

0-3 hospitalizations per year: Minimal amount

Why with Active Lungs?

Work from anywhere and at any time that suits you.

Skip the lines and waiting at the hospital. Access the app from anywhere, anytime.

Short and focused activity

You need to practice for about twenty-five minutes a day,

and between 3-6 times a week.

Up to 25 minutes a day is all you need to significantly improve your quality of life, improve breathing, and return to normal activities and routines.

25 minutes is about the time it takes to find parking

at the hospital, park, and get to treatment.

Monitoring and tracking indicators

We know how to identify, diagnose, and monitor your important indicators.

We’ll detect any deterioration or worsening of breathing within weeks before it occurs – we’ll make sure to update you and suggest a solution accordingly.

We’re looking out for you, ensuring you don’t end up in hospitalizations and visits to hospitals.

ניטור מדדים בזמן אמת 
חינוך ולמידה עצמית

Guidance and knowledge

In Active Lungs, you’ll gain access to our extensive knowledge and experience in managing respiratory conditions. In addition to the rehabilitation program, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance on disease management through informative articles and proper breathing techniques for daily functioning.

Accessibility and customization for the elderly

If you don’t have a smartphone, don’t worry: you can still operate the application on a desktop or laptop computer. The ActiveLungs app is also tailored to the needs of the elderly, providing quality and personalized assistance to every respiratory patient from anywhere and at any time.

Pulmonologist monitoring

Our service team includes a certified pulmonologist who reviews your medical documents and provides medical recommendations for continued treatment, as well as daily monitoring of vital signs.

A personalized rehabilitation program

We will build a personalized rehabilitation program tailored to your unique needs, your measurements, and your specific capabilities. The medical solution we create for you will be customized to you - not a generic solution provided in hospitals.

Preventing respiratory distress and hospitalizations

The app includes a unique alert system that detects and predicts respiratory distress and prevents hospitalizations in advance. You can receive notifications directly on WhatsApp automatically; there's no need to check every time.

Human response

Do you have any questions? Have you experienced an emergency or respiratory distress? We're here for you, fully available. Additionally, our customer service center will contact you if necessary (in cases of respiratory distress and similar situations).

The acquisition of knowledge for managing the disease is crucial.

Our service is based on raising awareness and acquiring professional knowledge, including a rich information center with articles and guides for proper breathing and first aid. It is important to note that the process of respiratory treatment is endless. Respiratory disease is a chronic condition that remains ongoing. However, as long as you are active in the rehabilitation process, your condition will improve and not worsen. Our goal is that by the end of the process, you will not need to rely on us too much, and you will learn to perform the breathing exercises on your own.


אפליקציית Active Lungs

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